About Our Members

The objectives of the East Hampton Town PBA are detailed in it’s by-laws.

In general, the objectives of the EHTPBA are as follows:

  1. To study police problems in general and encourage Legislation for the betterment of the working conditions for all Police Officers and to oppose any Legislation that will be detrimental to police officers.
  2. To create a harmonious feeling between all Police Officers, Public Safety Dispatchers, the people in our community, the youth in our community and other bonafied Police Organizations throughout the State and Nation.
  3. To help our fellow police officers and public safety dispatchers in any way this association may be able to do so. To assist the citizens, civic organizations and youth of our community with financial donations, civic programs, youth oriented activities and moral and emotional support during times of distress.
  4. To provide financial relief to the beneficiary of a member in good standing upon the death of said member.

Membership Classes

Currently there are four classes of membership: Active, Retired, Associate and Honorary.

Interested in Joining the Police Department?

If you’re looking for a challenging position with a growing diversified organization, the opportunity for progressive professional development, an excellent salary and full fringe benefits, you will be interested in employment possibilities with the East Hampton Town Police Department.  In a brief overview, the steps required per Suffolk County Civil Service and the East Hampton Town Police Department are listed below for your information.

  1. Suffolk County Civil Service Exam (offered every four years)
  2. Physical agility test
  3. Background investigation
  4. Written psychological exam
  5. Oral psychological exam
  6. Medical exam
  7. Polygraph exam

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The East Hampton Town P.B.A. supports our police men and women and also serves our local community. There are many ways to contribute through volunteering, fundraising and making a donation.
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